About Us

Leads Fox is a website design company with a team based Serbia. Our aim is to provide a kick start for business owners and to allow them to focus on improving the quality of their business while we take care of everything on the website itself. Another thing we do, are affiliate sites designed for marketers who want to outsource their work and focus on finding the niches and overall improving other aspects of their business.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple, to provide revolutionary and highest quality website design and SEO services to clients that we deeply care about. We thrive on mutual respect with our clients while providing healthy environment for our members to grow, learn, and become the best at what they do.
Nemanja Mirkovic
Marketing and Sales
Mile Anusic
Support Manager
Miona Panic
Marijana Vasilic
Ljubica Jelisavac
Social Media Manager

Principles of Operation

Leads Fox 25 Principles
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July 19th 2018


Our Team

  1. Employees come first. We employ and work with people who are comfortable working at 100 percent. We reward them accordingly. Our clients see and value this every time.
  2. We have clearly defined team roles and effective execution
  3. We respect each other mutually, incite creativity and share new ideas
  4. Freedom to openly talk about problems without taking it personally
  5. We mutually value personal time and habits of our members
  6. We prevent problems before they appear in a first place with friendly communication
  7. We attend team meetings without excuses
  8. We constantly work on improvements, of ourselves, our systems and products.
  9. We focus our energy on prioritizing tasks and goals, managing and executing them.
  10. We spend time on our most important tasks before they become urgent.
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Our Customers

  1. Our clients will always be treated with respect and we trust they will do the same.
  2. We believe in great customer support.
  3. Quality comes first, even at the expense of turnaround time. There is no half done work.
  4. We always aim for win/win solution.
  5. We value our customers opinion.
Our Products icon

Our Products

  1. We focus on quality before quantity.
  2. Each project gets 100% of our attention.
  3. We double-check everything before calling it done.
  4. Complete means “complete”. Almost is not good enough.
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Our General Principles

  1. We get the job done.
  2. There are no boring tasks.
  3. We leave personal worries and issues aside while at work.
  4. We keep our environment clean and spotless.
  5. We keep our equipment at 100%. If something breaks, we fix or replace it immediately.
  6. We love our office and aim to make it even better and more pleasant.

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